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SPI Classifications

  • Type 101 Mold: This tool is capable of one million cycles or more. Mold base is a minimum 280 BHN (Rc 30). Molding surfaces (cavities and cores) must be hardened to a minimum of Rc 50 and, where possible, have a hardened wear plating. All other details, such as slides, heel blocks, gibs, wedge blocks, etc, should also be of hardened tool steels with wear plating. Part ejection should be made utilizing a guided plate with replaceable hardened posts and bushings. All slides used in side coring should have replaceable hardened wear plates. Electroless nickel plating of all water channels is recommened to inhibit rust. Parting line locks are required.

  • Type 102 Mold: This tool is not capable of exceeding one million cycles. This mold is identical to the Type 101 with the following items not required: guided ejection, hardened slide wear plates, plated water channels, and wear plated cavities. All other extras are optional. This tool is a medium to high production tool that is good for abrasive materials and/or close tolerance products.

  • Type 103 Mold: This tool is capable of under 500,000 cycles. Mold base is to be a minimum of 165 BHN (Rc 15-17). Cavities and cores to be a minimum of 280 BHN (Rc 30). All other extras are optional. This is a medium production tool at an economical price range

  • Type 104 Mold: This tool is capable of under 100,000 cycles. Mold base is of mild steel or aluminum. Cavities can be of aluminum or mild steel or any other agreed upon material. All other extras are optional. This mold is a low production mold and is used as a limited production tool on non-abrasive materials.

  • Type 105 Mold: This tool is capable of no more than 500 cycles. The mold base may be constructed from cast metal or epoxy or any other material offering sufficient strength to produce the minimum prototype pieces. This tool is only for prototype purposes only. All other extras are optional.
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