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Anthony Tool & Die:
Where Quality Manufacturing Experience Counts

Over 55 years ago, we made a long-term commitment to the growing plastics industry. Our promise was to design and build, on-time and within budget, the finest hand-crafted molds available anywhere.

We have kept that commitment ever since, hiring highly-skilled tool and die craftsmen and developing state-of-the-art mold-making technology that ensures our clients the competitive edge they need.

During that time we have worked with a vast variety of molds and molding materials. We have developed or stripped down thousands of molds, including many from foreign countries.

Our experience guarantees more than computer-age precision, that is a given. It guarantees pure, old fashion craftsmanship. The kind of craftsmanship that creates rugged, trouble free, long-running molds and that provides fast, knowledgeable response when repairs or upgrades are needed.

Our experience can help you meet productivity goals and get the economies of production you seek. Contact us for more details.

Pre-Production Design Assistance

When you are considering the creation of a new mold or the upgrading of an existing one, Anthony Tool & Die engineers can often recommend changes that result in more efficient operations and significant savings.  At the product design stage we can suggest ways to creatively use the latest molding technology to create a better product for less. Years of experience have taught us how to change problem areas on part design for the benefit of our customers.

Money-Saving Alternatives

Very often we can save our customers money by what we call “the intelligent quote.” When we receive a request for a bid on bare specifications, we always call first for full information, such as the production run, type of steel, tolerances, molding material, type of machine. Only then do we quote on the job with the optimum number of cavities and minimal cycling time.

Lead Times and Costs

   It is our job to meet your needs. Cost and delivery are of the utmost importance. We’re as fast as anyone in the industry, sometimes faster, and have an excellent track record for meeting lead times. We set a realistic delivery date, and we’d rather turn down business than be overextended and unable to produce on time.

On close-tolerance work, we usually can underbid other companies because of our low overhead. On other work, we are very competitive at the least.

Because we are well organized, we can stay close to our customers, giving them highly personal service based on an intimate, ongoing knowledge of their operations.

Upgrading Existing Molds

In addition to producing new molds, we also willingly refurbish existing ones, a service few mold makers offer. In the process, we often incorporate new technology or new ideas developed since the mold was made, so it is actually better than the original. The investment is low and the return quick in terms of improved performance, better cycles, and improved parts.

We also fabricate jigs and fixtures. This is a service our customers appreciate because it, too, is becoming hard to find in the industry.

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